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C3YoYoDesign Bolt 2
Exhibit #3515
ShapeConcave )-(
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Diameter56 mm
Width39 mm
Gap Width4.68 mm
Weight62 gm
OwnerRick Brough

From the original Kickstarter website for the Bolt (part 2):

"Reinventing the Classic Yo-Yo: The Bolt (part 2)
Let's bring the yo-yo back! This redesigned yo-yo opens new tricks and possibilities. So fun and durable you'll carry it everyday.
131 backers pledged $11,119 to help bring this project to life.
Pledge $99 or more
An old school Bolt + a Bolt Part 2
A Bolt Part 2 PLUS an old school orange Bolt. I only have a few left.

The Bolt Part 2 Yo-Yo
Handmade string
Old School Orange Bolt

Estimated delivery May 2018
Ships to Anywhere in the world
8 Backers

The Original Bolt was a hell of a throw, and was manufactured for over 5 years, with devout fans all over the world. After 12 years, we've taken the best of the Bolt design and updated it for modern play.

The final design is a collaboration between myself (Doc Pop) and Hadrien Bennaceur (who has designed some of my favorite yo-yos) and will manufactured by the awesome folks at C3 Yo-Yo Design, makers of the Re:Master Galaxy, FingerSpin, and Speedaholic (just to name a few). Big shout out to Hadrien, Walter, and Ron for working on this yo-yo with me.

The Bolt Part 2 is made from machined delrin, with aluminum hubs and side caps for better play and longer spins. The caps feature a new "cubby hole" design for horizontal finger spins and delrin body has "schmoove grooves" to reduce string friction. It fits comfortably in your pocket, but still has a nice catch-zone.

Most importantly, it still feels fun.

Like most modern yo-yos, the Bolt Part 2 comes with a non-responsive ball bearing, but the $74 level includes a slim bearing to give your yo-yo that old school feel. The slim bearing is perfect for total beginners and who folks who just prefer responsive yo-yos.

It comes in three different colors, which backers will get to choose from after the campaign has ended.

3 color options available

Weight: 62 grams
Bearings: Size C (.250" x .500" x .187") or optional slim bearing (.125" x .500" x .187")
Size: 56mm by 39.04 mm
Gap size: 4.68 mm
Response: C3 Slim Pad (19 mm)
Manufactured by C3yoyodesign

THE ORIGINAL BOLT by Doctor Popular
... was one heck of a throw. In 2006, YoYoJam manufactured The Bolt, my third signature yo-yo with them (the first two being the Super Scientist and the Super Sellout). The Bolt was a low end and durable yo-yo molded with celcon plastic. It was an instant classic because of it's affordability and mod-ibility. I published one of the first yo-yo mod tutorials on Instructables and many extreme modders took the guts of the Bolt and machinged them to fit inside high end metal yo-yos. Because the mix of plastic and metal feels so good!

The Bolt vs The Bolt Part 2

The Bolt was produced for 5 years, mostly in orange, but with a small run in a soft blue. For many years after it's manufacturing, I would frequently receive requests for more Bolts, but since YoYoJam was no longer in business, I would just recommend comparable plastic yo-yos.

The whole point of modern yo-yo design is to reduce the amount of friction caused by the string while the yo-yo is spinning. Ball bearings do most of the work here, but yo-yoers are always looking for more. The End was the first yo-yo to add ""schmoove grooves"" to it's design. These are concentric recessed areas that attempt to remove surface area in order to lower string friction.

In other words, if you have a big flat surface, you are going to have more friction, but if you remove gaps from that area, you will reduce friction. This works great on high walled yo-yos, like the Bolt. Another tactic to reduce string friction is to use a concaved bearing, to keep the string centered away from the walls, but I think concaved bearings force the string to fight to be in the center, rather than spread out evenly across a flat bearing.

When redesigning the Bolt, I wanted to use aluminum side inserts with areas for finger spins. Usually this design involves an cone shape or an inverted nipple, but my friend Hadrien Bennaceur came up with something totally new and perfect for the Bolt's slender design. He calls it a "cubby hole", short for cap/hub.

This design involves two pieces of machined aluminum, instead of one. The bigger piece has a slope to it, helping your finger get funneled into the center, then it falls through a hole and locks into a flat finger spin area. In the same way that "schmoove grooves" caught on for high-walled yo-yos, I think you are likely to see Hadrien's "cubby hole" system replicated by other brands. It's a great design.

Cubby Holes
We've experimented with flat cubby holes and concave ones and were surprised to find that the flat ones felt better. The flat ones seem to have less surface friction between your finger (which is curved) and the surface, whereas concave finger spin areas match the shape of your finger and have higher friction.

I've been working in the yo-yo business for nearly 20 years and this is my 8th project on Kickstarter.

The last yo-yo Kickstarter I worked on was for The Executive Yo-Yo, which raised over $21,000 and shipped within 1 month of the estimated delivery date.

C3yoyodesign and I have spent months planning and perfecting the prototype, and have worked to optimize their line to create the first run of 500 Bolts within 8 weeks once a successful kickstarter has happened. They are well known manufacturers in the yo-yo industry. Their commitment to quality, and a track record of product defects well under that of other skill toy manufacturers, I have a lot of confidence C3 is a partner that can deliver.

While all projects have their unforeseen problems, with our combined experience, I think we have a way better than average chance to deliver."


See also the original Bolt from 2006.
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