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Yomega Raider yo-yo holster
Exhibit #3469
OwnerRick Brough

An original -- and quite hard to find -- Yomega Raider-branded leather yo-yo holster, made in the USA. When the original Yomega Raider was first introduced in 1993, these leather holsters were sold as an optional, single yo-yo carrying case that you could wear on a belt or something else. Within a year or so, the Raider-branded holster was discontinued and replaced with a more generic leather holster stamped with an imprint of "Yomega" instead of a white print as seen in this exhibit.

Original retail price: $7 US.

Yomega made a variety of yo-yo holsters over the years. Here are a few:
Black leather, embossed with "Yomega".
Black leather, silver imprint of "Yomega Raider".
Natural leather, embossed with "Yomega The YO-YO with a Brain".
Clear plastic, gold imprint of "Yomega".
Other Views
Front, large
Back, large
With original Raider yo-yo

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