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Duncan First, Second, and Third awards, 1965
Exhibit #1678
OwnerRick Brough

First, second, and third place award patches used in Duncan Yo-Yo Return Top contests from the mid 1960s into the very early 1970s.

In 1968, Duncan became a division within Flambeau, Inc. However, these particular patch sets were not Flambeau-branded, yet they were still being awarded into the early 1970s. See the following video on YouTube: 1970 - Duncan Presents "How To Run A Yo-Yo Contest" Featuring Barney Akers. Go to the 11:23 mark in the video to see these patches that were part of a contest kit given to organizers of Duncan yo-yo contests. (Video last accessed May 10, 2018). Notice also near the end of the video, but before the patches, the much longer strings used by Barney Akers for his two-handed loops. The longer strings made his looping much more graceful and elegant compared to the very short strings used by 2A players today.

The associated champion patch from the same year is also attached to this exhibit.

Compare this exhibit with the following two patch set variations:

1968 Official/Flambeau patch set
1969 Duncan/Flambeau patch set
Other Views
Duncan Yo-Yo Return Top Champion patch

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