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Duncan Official 1st, 2nd, & 3rd awards, 1969
Exhibit #2714
OwnerRick Brough

At first glance, this set of award patches look like any other Duncan award patch set from the same time period. However, this set is an anomaly; they are branded with "Official" instead of "Duncan". This unique set was made for Flambeau in the same style and design as the Duncan 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place awards from 1969. However, the colors for 1st and 2nd place are swapped in this set.

It's not clear what year or years to place on this set. In 1968, Duncan became a division within Flambeau, Inc. Notice that there is no registered trademark symbol after "Flambeau". Given that Flambeau would have been very particular about including a registered trademark symbol with their name—knowing all that Duncan had gone through in previous years defending "yo-yo" in court—it suggests that this award set may have been made in 1968 immediately after the Duncan brand was acquired by Flambeau. Flambeau was new to the business of yo-yos and yo-yo contests and may not have understood the design well enough. Or, it may simply be a custom-made set for a particular contest or location. Speculation certainly abounds. As to why they were not made with "Duncan" remains a mystery. I would love to know the real story behind these "Official" patches.

An odd, hard-to-find set.
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