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Duncan Genuine Whistling Yo-Yo
Exhibit #656
ShapeStandard (-)
ColorRed, Black, White
ConstructionMulti-piece metal
Estimated Value$350
OwnerJim Wright

Duncan made quite a few different Tin Whistlers over the years, up until around 1955. My sources tell me that this is one of the earlier ones, from the late 30s.

Tin whistlers were metal yo-yos. An inner and outer tin shell made up each half, and halves were attached with a metal axle. Large holes, almost 1/4 inch in diameter were placed on the outer edges of the yo-yo halves. As the yo-yo spins, air rushes thru the holes creating a whistling/humming sound. Generally, two holes were placed on one half of the yo-yo and four on the other side. This created two different frequencies, so as the yo-yo slowed it's spin, the sound would switch from one tone to the other.

Logos were lithographed on the tin, usually with patterns like this one. Many of these were made for Duncan by the Cayo company, which also had it's own line of whistling tin yo-yos.

These are difficult to find in good shape. They were much loved by their owners and passed down the generations. Rust is common, and the tin dented easily on impact. The condition of this one is... Amazing.

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