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Flores Yo-Yo
Exhibit #641
ShapeStandard (-)
ConstructionOne piece wood
Diameter2" Dia
Estimated Value$2000
OwnerJim Wright

This is the yo-yo that started it all in the USA. If yo-yos were catalogged like stamps, this one would be #1. Pedro Flores, an immigrant from the Phillipines, start a company making these toys from his homeland. Donald Duncan noticed the toys ability to draw a crowd, and the rest is history.

One piece wooden design and undersized, it also had a very very thin gap. These were lathed out by hand and even each half of this one piece wooden yo-yo is a little different in shape. The string was a slip string, an innovation creditted to Donald Duncan, but apparently a part of Flores yo-yos before the company was sold.

This is an original Flores yo-yo from the late 1920s, with a rare crackle paint job, rare even for a Flores.
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