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Enesco Snowsnickle - Snowboy with Yo-Yo figurine
Exhibit #4330
OwnerRick Brough

Enesco's Snowsnickle series featuring the resin figurine of Snowboy with Yo-Yo, circa 2001. He is about 110cm tall. The figurine was crafted by Linda Lindquist Baldwin and licensed by Enesco. Note the embedded 1990 five cent piece in the figurine's base.

From the enclosed card:
"Enesco Presents
Designed by Linda Lindquist Baldwin, Creator of Belsnickle
The Legend of Belsnickle
'From a Nickel to the Belsnickle...'
For a nickel in 1986, Linda Lindquist Baldwin bought an Old Antique Santa Collections book at a garage sale. Having such a strong interest and desire to own one of the authentic, but cost prohibitive papier-mache Santas (circa 18th and 19th century), Linda was inspired to create one for herself! Brought to you for the first time by Enesco, Linda recreates all of the charm and whimsy of the original Belsnickle with this delightful new Snowsnickle introduction."
Other Views
Figurine, large
Base with embedded US nickel
Enclosed card
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