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Active People Playo strings
Exhibit #4315
OwnerRick Brough

ACTIVE PEOPLE out of Switzerland was a leading yo-yo specialist in Europe since the mid 1980s, though they were relatively unknown in the US during the yo-yo boom of the late 1990s. They offered a range of yo-yos and accessories for all styles and proficiency levels as well as learning tools like books and videos. Their website www.activepeople.com was still online as recently as 2021, but that is no longer the case in 2023.

This string pack is likely from the mid 1980s to late 1990s. Notice that there is no barcode on the back of the saddle card and no website address. Those two missing pieces of information suggest that the pack could be from the early 80s. Strings are 100% cotton and came six to a pack.

Compare with the Active People string pack from 2000.

Of interest...
Note the Double Loop Technique illustration on the back of the string pack. Yomega always added this image to the back of their string packs until about the mid to late 1990s. While most yo-yo players are familiar with this technique, few are aware that the method is actually credited to the late Laurence J. Sayegh, better known as Larry Sayco a professional yo-yo demostrator. See the Sayco Information & Trick Sheet exhibit.
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String pack, front, large
String pack, back, large

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