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Tom Kuhn Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos poster
Exhibit #4257
Size48.3cm tall
OwnerRick Brough

Poster from What's Next Mfg. Inc. advertising Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos, circa 1998. What's Next has been the exclusive maker of Tom Kuhn wooden yo-yos since 1996. Poster is 48.3cm tall and 30.5cm wide.

Pictured is Dr. Tom Kuhn, portrayed as a seated bodhisattva with six arms, each hand holding one of his own wooden yo-yo creations. Starting in the upper-left and going clockwise:
No Jive - Red with Black stripe
No Jive - Green with White stripe
Roller Woody - White with Blue stripe
Roller Woodey - Blue with White stripe
No Jive - Diamond Special
No Jive - Black with White stripe.

In Buddhism, a bodhisattva is a person who has chosen a path towards bodhi or an "awakening" and "enlightenment." Dr. Kuhn calls this the "State of Yo." His yo-yos serve as "precision sensory instruments to sooth, ease, and improve motion and relieve stress."

See the wide variety of Tom Kuhn yo-yos that have been released or prototyped since 1977.
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Poster, large

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