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Duncan Raymond Gid - Duncan YoYo - reproduction poster
Exhibit #4255
Size43.2cm tall
OwnerRick Brough

A poster reproduction of Raymond Gid's (1905-2000) Duncan YoYo poster from 1930. The size of this reproduction is 43.2cm tall and 27.9cm wide. An original 1930 print is about 79.5cm tall and 60cm wide. These smaller sized reprints are still available today (2023) on various websites, albeit at a fraction of the cost of originals which run in the many thousands of dollars.

If you are interested in buying one of these "poor man" reproductions, make sure that the printer information ["IMP. BEDOS & C PARIS"] is printed in the lower left corner (unlike the version seen in this exhibit), the same as an original from 1930. Some makers of these fake posters do not add the original printer information.

From www.invaluable.com:
"Duncan Yoyo. 1930.
The name Duncan is synonymous with yo-yos the world over; this poster helped make it so. A surrealistic fantasy in Art Deco minimalism, it plays with the magic and downright oddness of the toy. The yo-yo craze effectively began the year this poster was printed, when Donald F. Duncan bought out a rival manufacturer in Santa Barbara, then teamed up with Hearst newspapers to promote yo-yo contests. The artist of this beautiful study in madcap lunacy, Raymond Gid, trained as an architect before becoming a graphic journeyman. He created corporate logos, typography, and posters for a number of major clients – including Dresch motorcycles and the poster for Hitchcock's "The Birds" movie. Printer was Imp Bedos of Paris."
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Poster, large

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