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Aiko Animation Super Yo-Yo poster
Exhibit #4249
Diameter58.7cm tall
OwnerRick Brough

Action poster for the Japanese animated series Super Yo-Yo that first air on television in Japan January 23, 2002. Featured on the poster is the main "good guy" character Shunichi Domoto wearing the red CRASH t-shirt and using a Bandai Hyper Dragon yo-yo in his right hand. The face of the same yo-yo is partially shown enlarged behind him in the background. A Bandai Hyper Dragon Aqua is partially seen in the upper-right corner of the poster. Surrounding Domoto are a variety of heroines, including Liane Yumemiya with the purple hair and pink dress and Mai Kirisaki with the large face and light blue shirt, and villians including Chuta Kogure with the green hat and Seito Hojoin with the dark blue shirt.

Prior to the animated series, Super Yo-Yo (also translated as Ultra-fast Spinner and Super Velocity Spinner) was a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takashi Hashiguchi. The series was serialized in Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comic magazine between December 1997 and August 2000.

From the Super Yo-Yo wiki:
"Shunichi Domoto is a fifth grade boy. He usually helps the sport teams in his school due to his talent in sports. One day his friend, Beso Kimura lost his yo-yo in a yo-yo duel against a bully boy, Benkei Musashimaru and asks Shunichi for help. Shunichi challenges Benkei to a yo-yo duel then defeats him. After that he was challenged by the exceptionally gifted yo-yoer, Seito Hojoin and gets beaten because he ridiculed the yo-yo game. So, Shunichi enters Japan's yo-yo championship to get his revenge from his loss with Seito. Throughout this Championship, he learns new yo-yo skills, meets new friends, and powerful rivals."
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