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Lewis Frederick Stafford & Co. Oh! Ho! Yo-Yo - Winstead & Stafford (music)
Exhibit #4220
OwnerRick Brough

The novelty song Oh! Ho! Yo-Yo by Donald E. Winstead (words) and Lou [Lewis] F. Stafford (music). Published 1931 by L.F. Stafford & Co., 523 North Geddes Street, Syracuse, New York. The music included a ukulele arrangement.

This sheet music came out when there was an on-going yo-yo boom across North America in the early 1930s. The popularity of the toy was propelled by the newly formed Duncan Yo-Yo company in 1929, and others such as Goody Twirlers and Hiker [sic] originally out of Victoria, British Columbia.

Original retail price: 35 cents US.

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