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Bad Wolfe Company 10 nylon strings $10
Exhibit #4198
ConditionMint in Package
OwnerRick Brough

From badwolfeco.com:
"This Shipping Up To Boston color is a vibrant emerald green, making it easy to see (unless you throw over grass). Looks fantastic on a brown yo-yo, like leaves on a tree. And if you're carrying this on St. Patrick's Day you can't be pinched! At least, I would consider that "wearing" green.

Note that solid color Slicc nylon strings, such as Blue Lagoon, Shipping Up to Boston, Danger Zone, Royalty, and so on) tend to feel a little bit different from blended colors. I think it's something about the dye [because] it's stronger in darker colors, but they all have a tendency to feel a little bit extra slick, and kind of feel like they have static electricity or something. A lot of people don't really notice it, and it doesn't seem to affect play much if at all, but I want to mention it on listings for the affected colorways so you're not surprised if it feels a bit different from [blended] Slicc colors.

Slicc string is whippy and perfect for laceration tricks. The 100% nylon formula makes this string long-lasting, but it's also slick and can feel like it's going to slip off your finger. If you're not used to pure nylon strings, be careful when you're trying it out for the first time because it feels quite different from polyester or other strings.

Each string in the pack is roughly 58" long. There may be some variance, around 57-59", as these are handmade and each string is unique. Slicc strings tend to vary a little more than the polyester/nylon blend due to the stretchiness of the nylon. Check my other listings to see all the colorways I currently offer. If you want a different colorway, such as a colorway to match your yoyo, let me know and I can get new colors to suit your needs.

Strings are handmade in Chattanooga, Tennessee."

When ordering the string from their website, you could choose from one of three different thicknesses:
Slimm - A thinner, lighter string, great for responsive yo-yos or yo-yos with a narrower string gap.
Goldilocks - A "just right" string. That is, not too thick and not too thin.
Dummy Thicc - A fatter, heavier string, for those who like using "rope" when yo-yoing.

Green yo-yo strings are uncommon and these go great with white, dark navy blue, graphite (gray), or bright yellow colored yo-yos.

First released April 30, 2021

Original retail price: $10 US for ten strings.
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String pack front, large

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