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Chico Yo-Yo Company Gull Wing (mini)
Exhibit #4166
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
Gap Width4.94mm
OwnerRick Brough

From the yoyorewind website:
"Chico Yo-Yo Company - Gull Wing

The Gull Wing boasts some wings that are sure to make it take flight for real!

Just like its name sake, the Gull Wing opens up to some massive wings, for a unique inverse round shape that demonstrates the novelty and power of Chico Yo-Yo Company. The small axle and delicate center gives the Gull Wing a dainty appearance, but the shape quickly steps into massive wings. This gives the center a light weight, and great stability, pushing the weight out into those outspread feathers. The Gull Wing can be recommended for just about anyone; it is well suited for just about any style, but it's especially sure to become a new powerful ally to the competition scene.

The Gull Wing is made with the same dimensions and width as the T-Bone and Flat-Top, and shares some other specs with CYYC's other current models, making this year's lineup one big happy family!"

From the yoyoexpert website:
"Chico Yo-Yo Company presents the Gullwing! A slightly undersized yo-yo with very soft rims, a U-shaped center, and deceptively fast play. The Gullwing was designed to be a luxurious yo-yo with a feel that makes you smile during play.

Moderately rim weighted, the Gullwing spins with the best of them while still able to twist, turn, and regenerate with ease. A slight undercut on the lip allows for easy grinds. Super short axle means no center nub for increased weight further out on the body.

This run is a wonderful matte finish gunmetal grey body with green splash, or a glossy red (or red/gold combo) finish."

Diameter: 50.30mm
Width: 40.60mm
Gap width: 4.94mm
Weight: 63.9gm
Bearing: Size C, lightly oiled and ABEC rated
Response: CYYC silicone pads, 19mm slim pads
Body material: 6061 aluminum

Came in red with white engraving and grey with green splash and white engraving (seen in this exhibit).

Designed in USA and made in USA.

Released in June 2011

Original retail price: $85 US.

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