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One Drop Black Canon 2020 by Mark Montgomery
Exhibit #4152
TypeSpecial Release
FinishNickel Plated
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseFlow Groove
OwnerRick Brough

From www.markmont.shop:
In an effort to make certain that everyone gets a chance to be apart of this launch with no stresses, and better yet with options, we’ve opened up a limited time pre-order for both the newly released Markmont Classic Magnum Opus and upcoming Flat Rim Series Black Canon. Pre-order will end Saturday [September 26, 2020] at 11:59 PM EDT with production seeing a launch date of roughly 2.5 to 3 months; so right around Christmas. Launch updates will be communicated via email, brand social channels, and a launch centered Facebook group page (coming soon). Although we can’t guarantee a specific launch date, we can assure you that if we tip-toe into 2021, you will ‘certainly’ be seeing bountiful goodies.

Flat Rim Series Black Canon
Coming in at 53.3mm in height and 55g in weight is the Black Canon. The Black Canon is a re-interpretation of the classic Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet yo-yo; made to be a 'pocket throw' with the playability of a fullsize yo-yo. This throw gives you a very gratified feeling of completion with every trick you hit. Functions well as a trainer and casual jammer in both responsive and unresponsive setups.

In a distant instance of the future, exist the Black Canon; a single source of truth asset, containing the universes most objectively valuable information, past down through many generations and various galaxies. Through years of planning, and an intention of securing the well being of life’s most priceless knowledge adds, and generational gumption, Will and I have procured this source.

The original design we drafted saw the height of the Black Canon matching the Markmont Classic, but with time to think as refine landed us at a reduced height for stronger in-play tech stability, and better catch zone butterfly ratio. If you are looking for a pocket jammer with the power of a full-size yo-yo, then this is certainly the model for you.

mag·num o·pus
"A large and important work of art, music, or literature, especially one regarded as the most important work of an artist or writer."

One Drop and I set out to re-fit the Markmont Classic in 7075 alloy. We ended up landing at a more resounding result than we could have ever imagined. While in the bones of the cad updates, we made a couple little ‘tweakies’ to the aesthetics with a focus on ‘micro’ refinement. What we love and what we accomplished with the original ‘had’ to remain fully in tact, so the refinements were intentionally limited. The rim angle transitions became more squared, which ads a small amount of rim weight to further add to the stability, and smoothed the angles in the face of the cup out to visually match and functionally balance. What was manifested from these final refinements in conjunction with 7075, was improved stability, cleaned up multi layer string interaction, i.e. easier to perform dense tech tricks, and an overall 'I just flossed my teeth' level squeaky clean float play style. This is ‘certainly’ the culmination of my most important works within yo-yo design.

Markmont Classic backstory
Originally released in October 2014, the Markmont Classic was an attempt at creating the next best classic organic yo-yo in a timeline of other classic organic shape throws - the SuperYo Renegade, Duncan Freehand, and Buzz-On Industries Element X to name a few. Working with skill toy and ‘brother brand’ manufacturer One Drop Yo-Yos, I referenced my ten favorite designs that altered the game entirely when crafting this yo-yo. Putting the term ‘classic’ in the name of the yo-yo was definitely something I took very seriously. You can’t just go slapping ‘classic’ on any ole thing LOL. This meant spending a good amount of time in the prototyping phase.

There’s a really specific balance I wanted to strike. If too stable it takes away from the yo-yo's play signature, but too unstable and it is too sensitive to play mistakes (yet this is crucial to allow for easier manipulation of the throws speed and axis adjustment). Right in the middle is where I wanted to be. Achieving this with a simple amount of visual details and details that were unique to the Markmont brand specifically, was the challenge.

(The Black Canon was re-released November 11, 2023 with the following statement: "The original design [Rick: as seen in this exhibit] we drafted saw the height of the Black Canon matching the Markmont. Classic, but with time to think, refinements landed us at a reduced height for stronger in-play tech stability, and better catch zone butterfly ratio." Huh? The specs on the re-released version were identical to the original.]

Diameter: 53.3mm
Width: 28mm
Weight: 55gm
String gap: 4.32mm
Bearing: One Drop's size C stainless steel ten ball bearing
Material: 6061 aluminum
Finish: Pyramatte, nickel
Side Effects: One Drop's Flat caps, silver

Ordered September 23, 2020 at 16:45 MST; received in mail 2021.

Original retail price: $104 US.
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