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Keen Eye Spinabolo Tournament Model
Exhibit #415
ShapeConcave )-(
Size6.5" Dia by 6" Wide
Weight169 g
Estimated Value$10
OwnerDavid Hall

Keen Eye made two versions of their Spinabolo, the Tournament Model and Playground Model. Pictured here is the Tournament. The only difference was the size. The Tournament is the larger version, and also has holes in the halves near the axle.

These are simple molded plastic halves, which warped easily with heat. The halves also have molded writing. Click on the logo views to see some of the writing.
Other Views
Profile View
Molded Logos
Molded Text
Alternate View

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Keen Eye
Spinabolo Tournament Model
Keen Eye
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Keen Eye
Spinabolo Playground Model
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