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One Drop Panorama - ESP edition (Utah)
Exhibit #4139
TypeSpecial Release
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseFlow Groove
Gap Width4.32mm
Number Produced10
OwnerRick Brough

One Drop's Panorama - ESP edition with aluminum Lego Side Effects (2.7 grams/pair), sold only out of Utah. This version of the Panorama with black, green, and red, was sold exclusively from Static Unresponsives website based out of Utah. According to One Drop co-owner David Metz, ten units of the ESP were made available.

The Panorama made its debut February 25, 2021 at 12:00 MST.

From onedropyoyos.com:
[The Panorama] is the signature yo-yo of team member Tsukasa Takatsu from Japan. Here is his description of it:

"There are a lot of excellent yo-yos in existence now.

To us, as players, this is a joyous thing.

With that said, I realized at some point that yo-yos tend to fall into one of two groups:

• Yo-yos which you never really stop playing with. Without thinking about it, you leave them somewhere handy after a session. You pick them up again the next day, and again the next day. So it goes, day after day for months on end until suddenly… You realize that you’ve used them consistently for years.
• Yo-yos which you play with for a few days, then put back in the box.

What’s the difference between these two kinds of yo-yos?

I’m certainly not saying that the latter yo-yos don’t play well (and actually, it's probably harder to find a bad playing yo-yo than it is to find a good one these days). In a lot of cases, these are yo-yos which, at first, I have felt are really nice.

It’s hard to identify, but this distinction was at the forefront of my mind throughout the process of designing the Panorama. My primary objective was to create a yo-yo that falls into the former category, a yo-yo that is never far from your reach - An authentic yo-yo. In order to make the Panorama a reality, it was absolutely essential to capture this.

High walls for increased control, rims that seem to adapt to your hand on the catch. These are some of the traits of authentic yo-yos from which I took inspiration during the Panorama design process.

However, these things alone do not make an authentic yo-yo. After all, sometimes high walls can cause stress, and weight distribution designed to maximize spin time can cause a yo-yo to feel out of control. Similarly, nice playing yoyos do not always transcend the era in which they were created.

Panorama is a yo-yo built with all of these things in mind, and in keeping with the sensibilities of the modern competitive scene - like a hybrid of cutting-edge tech found in a well-tuned F1 machine combined with the flavor of a classic car from the 50s.

A yo-yo which seems to consistently appear in your hand and thus becomes a part of your lifestyle. It is my hope that the Panorama will become this kind of yo-yo for you."

Base weight: 60.45gm
Shipping Weight: 63.2gm with One Drop's aluminum Lego Side Effects
Width: 37.85mm
Diameter: 55.71mm
Stock response: One Drop Flow Groove
Gap width: 4.32mm
Bearing: Size C, stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Material: 6061 aluminum
Finish: Pyramatte™
Axle system: Side Effects™

About One Drop
From onedropyoyos.com:
"We design and build the world's finest yo-yos in our workshop in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

That's right. In a world full of outsourcing, we are 100% committed to our maker roots. It is no doubt the more challenging way to go and for sure a path less traveled. We have made nothing but yo-yos for the last 12 years and proudly released more than 45 models. We are intimately connected with every step of building yo-yos and are ever refining our knowledge, skills, and processes. Our workshop is specifically designed and tooled for the single purpose of making yo-yos. Every single yo-yo is hand assembled and hand tested. We combine a deep technical know-how with a Team of professional players who provide insight and guidance on the more subtle subjective side of how a yo-yo feels in play.

We are craftsmen and yo-yoers who put our heart and soul into what we do. We appreciate being part of this amazing community and are thankful every day for the support.

Owned and operated by Shawn Nelson and David Metz since 2001."

Original retail price: $69 US
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