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Big Bang Bandalores E2: Spark O' Matic 5000
Exhibit #4138
TypeSpecial Release
ColorRaw brushed titanium
ConstructionMulti-piece metal
ResponseSilicon Ring
Gap Width4.5mm
Number Produced25
OwnerRick Brough

Based on the write-up at bigbangbandalores.com:
"The second of our Experimental Line, dubbed E2: Spark o’ Matic 5000, is a monometal, pure titanium yo-yo designed exclusively for sparking on hard, abrasive surfaces while performing Walk the Dog.

A yo-yo entertainer and myself - Paul Zografos, founder of BBB (Big Bang Bandalores) - chatted a little while back about making a yo-yo designed purely for doing sparking tricks in front of an audience. The design philosophy behind the aptly dubbed Spark o' Matic 5000 is purely for large surface areas, high rpm, and long spin times while remaining stable under the impact of sparking the spinning yo-yo on a rough surface to create titanium "sparks".

[Yo-yo] mass was our friend here. No shortcuts were taken for playability. We will be forward with that. The experimental line takes niche designs to the extreme, and the Spark O’ Matic 5000 is a testament to that philosophy. At a hefty 161.1 grams, each half is heavier than any other fully assembled yo-yo released to date by BBB, and (as far as we know) it outweighs every commercially released yo-yo that is currently available.

Experimental lines are a fun chance for us to collaborate with the community and so we also brought in the likes of Bren Dizzo, a titanium anodizing expert who created the beautiful Dizzo editions of the Spark O' Matic 5000. Each one of the five made is completely unique and hand made.

Paul also decided to step in with some experience of his own in the aesthetics department with a made to order heat anodizing service. These were limited to what was ordered. Ordering heat anodizing took approximately five days to complete because each yo-yo needed to be siliconed in the response area after making the color to order.

It was supposedly limited to 25 pieces total (22 released publicly).

Thank you so much for supporting our experimental line. Every single dollar in proceeds on experimental line yo-yos goes right back into development of the next prototype for E3: ???TBD???"

Diameter: 58mm
Width: 68mm
Weight: 161.1gm
Material: Natural titanium
String gap: 4.5mm
Bearing: Size D, centering
Response: Single, Extra Wide Groove, Silicon
String: String Theory nylon. (Should help a bit with heat resistance. ;)

Released March 5, 2021

Original retail price: $345 US
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