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Duncan Fingerspin yo-yo caps
Exhibit #4132
ColorRed, Silver, Navy
OwnerRick Brough

Duncan's Fingerspin Caps were a short-lived accessory from 2021. The light-weight aluminum caps fit the Duncan Freehand AL and Freehand One AL yo-yos. The caps were intended to expand your repertoire with fingerspin tricks and pull starts using the indentation.

By design, the Freehand AL and Freehand One AL yo-yos did not allow their original side caps to be easily removed. You had to use special tools and a certain technique to "blast off" the cap. To reduce your chance of injury during removal, some people resorted to using a bed pillow or towel over the cap and wearing face protection.

Spingear of Japan was the only website to make available a valve adapter for the exclusive use of removing side caps (as of October 2022, the valve adapter was still available to buy). The adapter was the ideal solution for removing the side cap of a hollow body aluminum yo-yo without damaging the body or cap. You simply attached the valve to your yo-yo and, using a bike pump, force air into the hollow body to force the cap off. The adapter was compatible with any hollow body yo-yo that used an M4 axle thread. See the adapter in action!

These Duncan fingerspin caps could be press fit into the side of a yo-yo. The caps were available in red, silver, and black. Some websites sold the caps individually while other stores sold them in matched color pairs only.

Released January 2021.

Original retail price: $8 per pair, US.
Other Views
Side A, angled, large
Side B, angled, large

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