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One Drop Project - Lilith (mini)
Exhibit #4077
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorLight purple
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
OwnerRick Brough

From the One Drop website:
"One Drop's Project - Lilith edition yo-yo was designed and manufactured in Eugene, Oregon by a partnership between One Drop Design and Designer/Yo-Yoer Colin Leland.

The Project was the first yo-yo from One Drop and it was set apart by it's high quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and great play. It featured a unique hex nut assembly which has the axle threading into a 4mm steel hex nut instead of into the body of the yo-yo. Advantages to this design were the following:

• If you stripped the hex nut (highly unlikely given that it is steel), you just replace it instead of having a dead yo-yo
• It allowed for perfect axle centering, never has to be tuned and creates a more stable and balanced yo-yo
• It allowed for a wide variety of mods (including the Duncan Freehand Zero hubstack kit)
• Easy to take apart and put back together with no parts 'explosion'.

At the time, this was the first yo-yo on the market (that we know of) to be soda blasted and clear anodized which gave it a smooth and clean look as well as better grinds! Grinding was also improved by the 'Projection Profile' which are the grooves on the inner surface. Pictures just don't do this finish justice! The overall profile is designed to have a heavy rim weight and be comfortable to hold. One Drop spent months in design and testing, refining the profile and weight ratios."

The Lilith edition of the Project is unique. David Metz, co-owner of One Drop, shared the story behind the Project - Lilith (from email dated 8/11/20):
"[The Project - Lilith] edition released in February 2008 on the yoyonation.com website. There were 20 of them. Lilith was the forum username of a yo-yoer named Liz. She was an artist and a really positive force on the forums. We asked her if she wanted to collaborate on a special edition Project in her honor after she had been requesting a pink or purple Project. She made the bags and that's her face on there [see Side A of the Drawstring bag image]. It also came with a special edition G-String yo-yo string. When they dropped, they sold out instantly. It's one of our earliest releases and the first collaboration/special thing we did."

Came in original One Drop - Lilith-branded box, packaged with special edition G-String purple string by gsimian of yoyogstring.com, purple Project - Lilith yo-yo, purple cloth bag that matched the string and yo-yo color, and a small leaflet about the yo-yo. Side B of the drawstring bag shows Alice, White Rabbit, and Hatter seated at a table drinking tea. The text on the bag says, "... this is the LAST TIME I'll use internet personals, thought Alice to herself."

Hard to find.

Diameter: 50mm
Width: 40.2mm
Weight: 64gm
Stock Response: .555 pad
Friction Response Groove Inside Diameter: .555" (14.1mm)
Friction Response Groove Depth: .02" (0.508mm)
Gap Width: 4.24mm
Bearing: size C, stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Material: 6061 aluminum
Axle System: Hex Nut Capture, 16mm

Original retail price: $98 US

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Other Views
Profile, internals, and G-String
Sides A and B, angled
Drawstring bag
Box and leaflet

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