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Round Spinning Objects Silver Bullet - titanium
Exhibit #4057
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorRaw brushed titanium
Diameter54 mm
Width30.4 mm
GapAdjustable - Spacers
Gap Width2.8 mm
Weight60.2 gm
Number Produced72
OwnerRick Brough

The specifications described for this yo-yo are based on the installation of the half spec bearing and the 7mm axle that were included.

[Important: The following text is an abbreviated version of the original — and much lengthier — write-up found on Round Spinning Objects website. My intent was to focus exclusively on the main text that pertained to the yo-yo in this exhibit. Some editing and reorganization of the content was made to improve clarity and readability. -Rick]

From the Round Spinning Objects website:

"The design concept of the SB-Ti was simple: to make a slimline yo-yo that is primarily suited for unresponsive play, but can play semi-responsive or responsive. Yo-yos that play semi-responsive have been gaining traction in recent years, with models like the One Drop Deepstate, Luftverk Daytona Slimline - AMS2488, Core Concept Yoyos Alley Cat 650b, and Spencer Berry's Walter. Input in the design came from the folks at Tom Kuhn and Andre Boulay of YoYoExpert/YoYoJam.

The [original] Silver Bullet’s signature bullet head hub nubs were the most important part of the aesthetic of the original series. The nubs required a tremendous amount of time to perfect and fine tune on the SB-Ti. Due to the higher density of titanium compared to aluminum, it was not possible to recreate the same tall hub nubs (bullet head shape) as the Silver Bullet 2 (SB-2). The reason was because it resulted in too massive center weight. The SB-Ti also created an opportunity to give the SB-2 hub nubs more of a modern makeover. The modernized version of the hub nubs on the SB-Ti gets its inspiration from both the SB-2 and the Silver Bullet 4 (SB-4).

The SB-2 font is used for the engraving on the SB-Ti as a homage to the SB-2. Did you know that the original SB-2 had only one-half engraved?

[Note: While the Tom Kuhn logo was engraved on the SB-Ti, the brand name Tom Kuhn was not. I theorize that there may have been legal or licensing reasons for the omission, or either Tom, Brad, or Elvin, or all three, did not want the brand name added. -Rick]

The primary playing style of the SB-Ti is the popular modern and unresponsive play. Without question, we (Tom Kuhn, Brad Countryman, and Elvin Lim) all felt that the gap and width had to be increased from the SB-2. Doing so would allow for more string wrapping and layering while improving stability on a narrower profile vehicle. The vertical high walls of the SB-2 were modified into that shape with an up slope from the response area to the rim on the SB-Ti. The rounded rims on the SB-Ti are reminiscent of the character trait on the SB-2 which feels like a comfortable home in the hands. The SB-Ti is 54mm in diameter and sports a width of 34mm with the regular C sized bearing installed.

Overall weight (and distribution) was the other area that we focused on. The first prototype of the SB-Ti weighed in at 64.2 gm which was too heavy for semi-responsive play, even though it was a respectable weight for unresponsive play. We worked day and night to find a sweet spot for a yo-yo that could play regardless of playing style. Both the Deepstate and Alley Cat weighed in at the 51-53 gm range and were excellent semi-responsive yo-yos, but we ultimately felt that the weight range was too light for unresponsive play. The Luftverk Daytona also felt slightly heavier on the string at 62.5 gm for a 54mm diameter yo-yo. The SB-Ti weighs at 61 gm; and what a difference 1.5 grams can make!

The gap adjustment system on the SB-2 could not be implemented on the SB-Ti for one key reason: titanium yo-yos are difficult to machine and make vibe-free. This reason is especially true when you factor in swappable axle lengths and bearing sizes. I experienced this first hand with my upcoming bi-metal project (which I can’t wait to tell you about!). Adding an adjustable screw in the axle hole (akin to the SB-2) to the SB-Ti, at the heart of the yo-yo, would cause unimaginable tolerance and vibe problems.

So how did we get around this issue? I’m glad you asked! The bearing seat was designed to allowed bearings of different thicknesses to fit. The immensely popular Luftverk Alpina came with a bearing blank which had the same thickness as a half spec bearing, but we went even further and machined an extra thinner bearing blank to narrow the gap. These bearing blanks are custom machined and anodized to increase durability and aesthetics. We even engraved them so you can easily tell them apart!

You can customize your SB-Ti for different playing styles by swapping out the various bearings and axles that were included with the package:

Out of the box, the SB-Ti has an 8mm axle and a size C bearing pre-installed.
The half spec bearing comes with thick lube, allowing for semi-responsive play. Cleaning this bearing makes the SB-Ti to play unresponsive.
To enable your SB-Ti to play responsive, double loop the string around the 2.8 or 2.4 bearing blanks.

The half-spec bearing and bearing blanks are intentionally made not to fit too tightly on the bearing seat of your SB-Ti. This design was done because these bearings are thinner than the standard C-bearing, and it would be more difficult to remove them if they seated snugly. Using a bearing remover is highly suggested. As a result of the slightly looser fit, your SB-Ti plays with a minimal amount vibe on the string with these bearings installed.

Using a correct bearing/axle combination is crucial. A wrong combination can damage your SB-Ti. Check the axle length carefully before installation. We do not recommend changing the bearing/axle combination too frequently as this may result in extra wear of the axle threads and bearing seat.

Recommended bearing and axle combinations based on play style
• Responsive: Half spec bearing with 7mm axle (
• Responsive/Semi-responsive: 2.4 (blue) bearing blank with 7mm axle
• Responsive/Semi-responsive: 2.8 (gold) bearing blank with 7mm axle
• Unresponsive: Size C bearing with 8mm axle

Just like the SB-2, the SB-Ti comes with two black rubber weight rings which fit snugly in the yo-yo. Each ring weighs 1.8 gm, allowing the SB-Ti to go up to 64.6 gm with a regular C bearing. These rubber weight rings are made with such high manufacturing precision that they introduce almost no vibe to the SB-Ti when installed.

The original SB-2 came with Turbo Discs installed -- basically, white linen response pads that were thinner and had a wider ring diameter compared to the ubiquitous 19mm slim pads. This design was in part due to the miniature ball bearing axle in the SB-2. As a fitting tribute, the SB-Ti was designed to use RSO’s proprietary white CLYW slim / GSQUARED sized Type 50 Landing Pads which closely resemble the Turbo Discs. In comparison to regular CLYW Snow Tires, these Landing Pads are thinner and allow the yo-yo body around the response area to be machined much thinner. This manufacturing method was important for the SB-Ti due to the concentration of weight at the hub nubs. Make sure you stock up on these Landing Pads for the SB-Ti. It must be emphasized that regular CLYW Snow Tires do NOT fit the SB-Ti as they are thicker than included Landing Pads.

• Box made with 360 gsm art card stock
• Certificate of authenticity in the form of a vampire-killing kit
• Enamel pin of a meditating Tom Kuhn
• Pair of black rubber weight rings
• 1x half spec ball bearing axle
• 1x gold and 1x blue bearing blank
• 2x 7mm axles
• 3x 8mm axles, one of which is preinstalled
• Pair of replacement CLYW-branded slim/G2 G-grip size Landing Pads for response
• 1x blue string

The term 'Silver Bullet' has dual meaning. Besides its literal meaning of a bullet made from precious metal, it is a slang term for an instant problem solver. Care to guess which one we went for? We decided to have more fun with the artwork this time, featuring Dr. Tom Kuhn wearing a taekwondo outfit using the Silver Bullet against a vampire. The certificate for the SB-Ti comes as a form in your own vampire-killing kit. Art by ATILA.

The color scheme that we chose on the box is also a throwback tribute to the classic SB-2 packaging – an all-black box complete with turquoise borders and yellow logo."

Diameter: 54mm
Width: 34mm (size C bearing); 30.4mm (half spec bearing); 30.4mm (2.8 gold bearing blank); 30.0mm (2.4 blue bearing blank)
Weight: 61 gm (size C bearing); 60.2 gm (half spec bearing); 60.2 gm (2.8 gold bearing blank); 60.1 gm (2.4 blue bearing blank)
Axle: 8mm and 7mm
Body material: Titanium
Bearing: Size C, Half Spec, 2.4 blank (blue), 2.8 blank (gold)
Response pads: CLYW slim/G-Grip size type 50 Landing Pads

Released August 15, 2020

Original retail price: $365 US.
Other Views
Profile and internals
Sides A and B, alternate angle
Sides A and B face, large
Box and contents

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