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YoYoFactory 888MMXX Dragon - Spin Gear Edition (mini)
Exhibit #4051
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorPolished stainless steel
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConstructionMulti-piece metal
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Diameter44 mm
Width36 mm
Gap Width4.57 mm
Weight68 gm
Number Produced20
OwnerRick Brough

YoYoFactory's all-time best-selling model, the 888, was made available in an 88% version for 2020 (MMXX). The model in this exhibit was known as the 888MMXX Dragon - Spin Gear Edition

Machined from stainless steel and polished, this Spin Gear model was engraved with the 888 Dragon on the inner face of each halve; the Spin Gear "S" logo was engraved on the outside face of side B; Japanese characters were engraved on the outside face of side A.

The yo-yo came with clear hub stacks pre-installed over the hub nubs. The YoYoFactory-branded box that the yo-yo came in also included a black hub stack kit, if you preferred to install that color instead. Also came with one neon green string and a trick sheet.

A total of 100 pieces were made of the 888MMXX: 20 of those were made for the special 888MMXX Dragon edition seen in this exhibit. They were sold directly from the Spin Gear website in Japan. The remaining 80 were made for a regular edition that had an engraved logo that was previously used on the YoYoFactory 888 2008 model. That engraving appeared on the outside face of one halve only, and Eight Eight Eight engraved on the outside diameter of one halve. This regular edition was sold directly from YoYoFactory's website.

Body material: Stainless steel, polished
Diameter: 44 mm (50 mm for original 888 models)
Width: 36 mm
Weight: 68 gm
String gap: 4.57 mm
Center bearing: Size C, Center Trac
Response: 19 mm slim
Hub stack bearing: Size A
Inner wall engraving, side A & B: Dragon
Outer side A engraving: I am the only one above and below heaven
Outer side B engraving: Spin Gear "S" logo

Of interest...
When this yo-yo was put up sale by Spin Gear, its accompanying description did not give any translation of the characters that were engraved on side A. But, thanks to my son, he was able to figure out their meaning.

Starting immediately to the right of the YYF logo (in this exhibit, under Other Views, select Sides A and B face) and working clockwise, you see eight engraved characters. Read together, it is pronounced tenjo tenge yuiga dokuson.

You can translate or interpret the combined characters to read in any of the following ways:
I am the only one in the sky.
I am the only one above and below heaven.
Throughout Heaven and Earth, I alone am the honored one.
Above heaven, under heaven, I alone am worthy of honor.

There is some confusion as to where the statement originates. But, essentially, it is "a statement which Zen Buddhists believe was made by the Buddha after his enlightenment." The quote is popular in a lot of anime and manga as well, so it just may be a famous proverb. Thanks Christopher!

Released July 28, 2020.

Original retail price: 12800 Yen (about $122 US at the time). Because Japan Post was not shipping to addresses in the USA at the time of this yo-yo's release (due to the Chinese Wuhan virus), the only way to expedite shipping was to pay $50 US more to have the yo-yo shipped by way of Federal Express.

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