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66% Hspin - Pyro (mini) gold
Exhibit #4031
ShapeConcave )-(
Diameter37.9 mm
Width29.7 mm
OwnerRick Brough

From the spingear.jp website:
"The 8th 66? product is the Pyro from the Swiss yo-yo brand Hspin, which ended its activities in 2012.

Hspin's Pyro was a bestselling yo-yo model that sold more than 1000 units at the time and was a turning point in the yo-yo scene.

For gold color, because of plating process, all yoyo has vibration, but everybody want to see it, so we decided to release it as "Flow to love Edition". This idea come from Hspin's Good & Evil 3 yo-yo model.

The biggest difficulty in getting the original Pyro reduced to 66% in size was how to reproduce the red Pyro. As I explained in the development story (Blog), the yo-yo was a monometal yo-yo at the time, but it was modified to be a bimetal yo-yo.

In the 66% series, there was an unspoken rule that aluminum mono metals were to be replaced by stainless steel, but in this Pyro, there was no way to make the stainless steel to be red, so give up monometal.

If the YoYoFactory The Edge Beyond 66 is the best-performing yo-yo ever in 66%, then the latest for 2020, the Pyro66%, is the best-looking (and good-performing) yo-yo ever.

Because of the original flame pattern, there is friction at about 1 cm from the yo-yo, and the string wears out quickly. We decided to use the original pattern of the initial lot in order to reproduce the good appearance.

Different color has different weight.

Red/Gold: 63.8 gm
Red/Black: 60.5 gm
Black? 60.2 gm
Gold? –.-g (Flow to Love edition, seen in this exhibit.)

Model: 66-008
Weight: 60.1 gm
Diameter: 37.9 mm
Width: 29.7 mm
Bearing: NSKmicro size A flat
Pad: 66% pad
Material: Aluminum and brass
Axle: M4 × 6 mm

Released April 4, 2020 at midnight in Japan on the spingear.jp website.

Original retail price: 12000 Yen; approximately $111 US.

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