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Boise Woodworks Mesquite and Blue Spectraply yo-yo
Exhibit #4022
FinishClear Coat
ColorMesquite/Blue Spectraply
Diameter56 mm
Weight74 gm
OwnerRick Brough

A mesquite and blue Spectraply wood yo-yo from Boise Woodworks. Profile is similar to a ProYo but fatter halves. Uses a ballbeaing axle and what appears to be brass starburst response which may help explain the 70+ gram weight.

From the Boise Woodworks website:
"This vintage inspired yo-yo is handcrafted from mesquite and layers of colored wood. The yo-yo has classic vintage styling but features a modern stainless-steel axle with a ball bearing. The most popular yo-yo's have a ball bearing with an axle instead of a fixed wood or metal post. Yo-yo's with a ball bearing and axle spin longer, sleep better and makes it easier to perform basic tricks. Silky smooth to the touch, the yo-yo has an all-natural finish of mineral oil, followed by a carnauba wax polish. The yo-yo is 2-3/16” in diameter and weighs approximately 70 grams. The yo-yo comes with a 50/50 poly and cotton blend string. Please note that yo-yo strings do wear out quickly with use. Please replace the string frequently to avoid damage to yourself, others or the yo-yo.
The yo-yo screws apart so that you can replace the bearing if needed. The bearing diameter is 8 mm. The shaft has a 4 mm diameter and 33 mm long. These Yo-Yo's are not designed for performing advanced tricks, but in most cases can do them if fitted with a different string."

Visually, the yo-yo is quite striking. Unfortunately, the yo-yo's weight makes most string tricks too difficult to make it a practical, everyday yo-yo to play, regardless of the string type used.

From April 2020.

Original retail price: $22 US.
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Side, angled, large

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