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Henrys Ultimate YoYo Systems Trick Book
Exhibit #4016
OwnerRick Brough

Henrys Ultimate Yo-Yo Systems - A yo-yo trick book from Henrys with tips and tricks from Markus Springer. This booklet teaches you more than 28 yo-yo tricks, from beginner to advanced. The 62 pages included color pictures of the trick demonstrations. Also included a yo-yo dictionary and descriptions of Henrys yo-yo models and their modular axle system.

No publication date was printed in the booklet. It likely came out in the early to mid twenty oughts. Henrys is based out of Germany.

Picture on the cover is the Henrys Cobra with blue hub and clear rims.

The trick booklet is also available for download directly from your browser in Adobe PDF from the Henrys Team Yo-Yo Manics website.

Original retail price for the printed booklet: $5 US
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Booklet cover, large
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