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Goody 1942 Twirler Champion
Exhibit #4002
OwnerRick Brough

Goody Twirler Champion award patch, dated 1942. The shield shape and colors used on this patch are quite similar to the Duncan Yo-Yo Winner patch from 1942.. The main difference was that the Duncan patch was a heavy-gauge cloth with embroidery stitched letters, numbers, and a star. The Goody patch, on the other hand, used a cloth backing material as the base for the application of what appears to be red and blue paint in the background (it has heavy cracking throughout), along with a white and blue flocking that gave the letters, numbers, and star a texture similar to velvet.

Goody was a popular yo-yo brand that was marketed primarily in the eastern United States. Their patches are uncommon, and this particular patch is hard to find.

Besides their glamorous looking jeweled yo-yos, Goody's term for "Yo-Yo" was "Twirler" which helped to further distinguished them from Duncan and others.
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Patch front, large
Patch back, large

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