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Duncan Winner - Time Star WKRC - TV
Exhibit #3972
OwnerRick Brough

A Duncan Winner patch from a yo-yo contest sponsored by Time Star WKRC-TV.

WKRC-TV is Cincinnati Ohio's second-oldest television station. The station was owned by the Ohio-based Taft family, who also owned and published The Cincinnati Times-Star newspaper. On August 3, 1958, the Times-Star was sold to Scripps-Howard Newspapers, owners of The Cincinnati Post newspaper. The Post moved into the Times-Star Building in Cincinnati and published under the name The Cincinnati Post and Times-Star. On December 31, 1974, the newspaper reverted to The Cincinnati Post name. Based on this information, the patch in this exhibit is likely from around 1955 through 1958.

Duncan yo-yo contests that awarded Winner patches similar to this one occurred primarily in the mid to late 1950s and included a variety of sponsors. Here are a few known examples:

Winner - 7-up
Winner - Bonomo's Turkish Taffy, round
Winner - Bonomo's Turkish Taffy, shield
Winner - Coca-Cola, red & white
Winner - Coca-Cola, red, white & yellow
Winner - Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer
Winner - Dr. Pepper
Winner - Lucky Horseshoes Mints
Winner - Pepsi-Cola
Winner - Times Star WKRC-TV
Other Views
Patch front, large
Patch back, large

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