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Werrd Minute 2010 (mini)
Exhibit #3937
ShapeConcave )-(
ColorOrange gold
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Weight61 gm
OwnerRick Brough

The Minute was part of the Australian boutique yo-yo maker Werrd Time series that also included a yo-yo model known as the Hour.

The yo-yo is undersized at 49mm diameter and has rather sharp, angular halves. Uses a size A ball bearing axle commonly found on Duncan yo-yos.

This model originally came in a bead blasted light orange or light blue anodizing with a bead blasted aluminum body. There is no engraving anywhere on the yo-yo to identify who it came from or the name of the yo-yo.

Do not confuse this first version of the undersized Minute with the second, larger (read: full size) version that came out in 2013. The second version had "Werrd" and "Minute" logos engraved on one halve, was 53mm diameter, nearly 6 grams heavier, 7mm wider, and used a size C Center Trac ball bearing axle.

From Werrd's website:
"The undersized, low-edged, straight bodied yo-yo from Down Under (Australia).

Werrd has several small yo-yos in their lineup, but unlike their TFL88 (Two Fat Ladies 88) and XXXXL (Quadruple Extra Large) models, the Minute features a smart step-straight body shape. The inner edge is so low it comes right down to the [Werrd-branded] Blueprint white silicone friction pads (19mm), keeping the yo-yo spinning true and curbing sleep loss. The small, light body is nimble, great for intricate between-the-finger tricks like Chopsticks and Protrusion.

Minute comes loaded with a Duncan size A ball bearing axle, an uncommon choice for full metal yo-yos. The gap is wide for its size, and it has a great feel during play. The design is straightforward and serious, but far from plain. The Minute means business."

Original retail price: $70 US.

See Werrd's updated, second version of the Minute 2010 that they decided to call the Rhinoplasty 2011 instead.

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