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Yomega Official Trick Book - 2008
Exhibit #3915
OwnerRick Brough

Yomega's The Official Trick Book from about 2008 was identical in content to their 1997 version. The 2008 version included descriptions of 37 tricks for beginners to advanced players. These original school tricks -- all with names, too -- define what traditional yo-yoing is to most people, even today in 2021. This booklet was the last printed trick booklet publication made by Yomega; video tutorials on websites made these booklets (and VHS tapes and CDs) obsolete. Besides the how-to explanations of various classic tricks, the booklet gave basic maintenance instructions for your Yomega yo-yo such as lubrication of the transaxle or roller bearing, and string replacement.

Written by the late Stuart Crump, whose moniker was "Professor Yo-Yo".

Original retail price: $5 US.
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