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Duncan 1960 Product Sheet
Exhibit #3902
OwnerRick Brough

Duncan product sheet given to retailers and jobbers from around 1960.

See each Duncan Yo-Yo Return Top as described on the sheet (oddly enough, none of the yo-yos pictured match their accompanying description, except for the Satellite and Imperial):

No. 33 Junior (Product sheet shows a Duncan Beginners yo-yo to the right of the No. 33 description. Also, there is no No. 33 Duncan Junior depicted anywhere on the sheet.)
No. 44 Beginner (Product sheet shows a Duncan Special 44 yo-yo to the left of the No. 44 description. Also, the price of 25¢ on the card (see rack display picture) was updated to 29¢; I've never seen the 25¢ card version.)
No. 44-B - Beginners, poly-bagged
No. 77 - Tournament (Product sheet shows a Duncan Super Tournament to the left of the No. 77 description.)
No. 77-B - Tournament, poly-bagged
No. M-1-B - Satellite (Product sheet shows a very obscure and hard-to-find Duncan Satellite to the right of the No. M-1-B description.)
No. 707 - Butterfly (Product sheet shows a Duncan Expert Award butterfly yo-yo to the left of the No. 707 description.)
No. 707-B - Butterfly, poly-bagged (Product sheet show a Duncan Imperial with chevron logo to the right of the No. 400-B description.)
No. 400-B - Imperial, poly-bagged
No. 10 - Strings
No. 14 - Instruction booklet
Other Views
Product sheet, large

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