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Popular Mechanics Make a Filipino Yo-Yo - July 1929
Exhibit #3900
OwnerRick Brough

An interesting, early article for amateur mechanics on how to make your own one-piece, fixed axle Filipino Yo-Yo by Hi Sibley. Originally published in Popular Mechanics, July, 1929 issue (Volume 52, Issue No. 1).

The profile of the yo-yo seen in the diagram on page 135 in the magazine is very similar in shape to the model made by Pedro Flores, "a Filipino boy of Santa Barbara, Calif., [who] innocently started a fad that has swept the Pacific coast and is spreading fast to the rest of the country."

Note the diameter of 2" (50.8 mm), the width of 1 1/4" (31.75 mm), and the axle diameter of 1/4" (6.35 mm). The article suggests making the popular toy using hardwood instead of soft because of its weight. The author also recommended using Maple which was a "very satisfactory" wood to use for the yo-yo because the wood did not split.

"Some of the youngsters have very elaborate Yo-Yos, beautifully inlaid with various woods." I would love to find one of those!

The article is a great period-piece, just before Duncan Yo-Yos came onto the market.
Other Views
Magazine cover, large
Page 4, Contents - Continued
Page 135, Make a Filipino Yo-Yo
Page 136, Make a Filipino Yo-Yo, continued

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