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SPYY Flying V
Exhibit #3883
ShapeConcave )-(
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseResponse Sticker
Diameter55.7 mm
Width32.7 mm
Gap Width2.4 mm
Weight65 gm
Number Produced150
OwnerRick Brough

From the yoyoguy.com website:
"The Flying V is no duck, it flies fast on the string and can record some really good spin times. It's bead blasted finish gives it a really good grip in your hand. This is Ed Haponik's new signature yo-yo and sports a bit of the old school style with the new school technology. The slim design can be made even slimmer by adding a slim bearing that's included with every yo-yo. And to make your throwback go way back you can even add the two flush response stickers it comes with to make it a responsive yo-yo. Those shiny machined rims make for delicious thumb grinds and the setup is very smart indeed."

The Flying V was designed for Ed Haponik, an original school yo-yo player. This yo-yo has a slim profile and a larger diameter similar to wing-shaped yos from just a few years ago, but includes design elements for the modern player. The Flying V comes stock with a half spec (slim) C bearing. You can tune the yo-yo by adding thick lube for an original tug responsive experience. Great for performing traditional string tricks that were the repertoire of many yo-yo players for more than 70 years. If you prefer dead, unresponsive play, you could change the bearing to the full spec size C bearing.

Rims are polished aluminum; anodized 6064 aluminum body is grass green.

Weight: 65 gm
Diameter: 55.7 mm
Width: 32.7 mm (with Slim C bearing), 34.3 mm (with C bearing)
String gap: 2.4 mm (with Slim C bearing), 4.0 mm (with C bearing)
Bearings: Comes with two. Stainless Size C & Slim C (add thick lube for snappy tug response)
Response: Deep recessed with flush O-Stickers. Readily accepts flowable silicone.
Material: 6061 aluminum
Finish: bead blasted and anodized; polished
String: 100% polyester

Released July 10, 2009

Original retail price: $105 US
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