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YoYoFactory Buddha King II Super Lite
Exhibit #3650
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Diameter55 mm
Width34 mm
Weight77 gm
OwnerRick Brough

A YoYoFactory yo-yo from 2009 that was designed exclusively to set long sleeper records, the Buddha King II Super Lite (aka BK2 Super Lite) was a heavy, rim-weighted super sleeper. The Super Lite came with optional, clear, slightly domed plastic caps to supposedly increase its aerodynamics while spinning at high velocities.

The yo-yo had a hockey puck-like shape with a profile very similar to what others, such as Huatian's Rotor, Luftverk's Alpina XP47, and C3YoYoDesign's BTH, all came out with years after the Super Lite released. The yo-yo got its name from the Buddha Sleeper contests in Japan, and the BK2 Super Lite was designed as an improvement on the original Buddha King 2 that, at one time, held the world yo-yo long sleep record of 21 minutes, 15 seconds (the current world record holder is the BTH). YoYoFactory rethought the distribution of weight to push its abilities even further. Unfortunately, the price of this specialty yo-yo with limited playability was quite expensive for its time. This yo-yo was not designed for traditional yo-yo play that kids have used for more than 80 years. The yo-yo was slightly heavier than the BK2 Lite.

The name "Buddha King II Super Lite by YoYoFactory" is laser etched on the side, on the silver ring portion. It is not visible unless you look at the ring at just the right angle and in the proper light.

The yo-yo in this exhibit would be considered mint if it came with/in it's original box. Yo-yo is like new.

Original retain price: $120 US.

In all, the Buddha King model came in three slightly different versions or editions:
Buddha King (original release)
Buddha King 2 Lite (19 minute, 39 second sleeper)
Buddha King II Super Lite (21 minute, 15 second sleeper)

For a yo-yo to be used in setting a world record, the AYYA (American Yo-Yo Association) required that the yo-yo maker produce and sell 100 or more of the exact same yo-yo used in the record attempt.
Other Views
Yo-yo and side caps
Side view with side cap installed

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