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Tom Kuhn RDX prototype
Exhibit #3629
ShapeH Shape
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Diameter56 mm
Width42 mm
Weight70 gm
Number Produced10
OwnerRick Brough

The Tom Kuhn RDX prototype from sometime in 2016. Made by CYYC (Chico Yo-Yo Company) out of Chico, California for Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos. Unfortunately, the yo-yo was never put into production because the makers could not get the yo-yo design to be properly balanced. (Or, did the inner convex aluminum hubs violate Duncan's own patent pending MOD spacers from 2011?)

The prototype in this exhibit is interesting. It uses a projecting, convex inner aluminum hub with response pads and a ball bearing axle. The entire inner hub assembly was then combined with maple body halves that had outer rim weight rings installed.

The entire "greeked" design on the outer face -- with the exception of the Tom Kuhn infinity logo -- was laser printed on paper and held in place by the weight ring. Came with an extra set of paper logos that had an alternate design on them. Ten prototypes -- each one apparently slightly different from the other -- were supposedly made.
Other Views
Side, angled, large
Internals A
Internals B

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