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YoYoJam Axiom (mini)
Exhibit #3619
ShapeConcave )-(
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseSilicon Ring
Diameter50 mm
Width41 mm
Gap Width4.94 mm
Weight64 gm
OwnerRick Brough

The 2008 Axiom was YoYoJam's response to YoYoFactory's very successful and popular "888" model that came out the same year. The yo-yo was one of the few high-grade, all-aluminum models released by YoYoJam. It was supposedly tested extensively by some of Team YoYoJam's players such as Andre Boulay, Johnnie DelValle, Eric Koloski, and others.

The Axiom shape fits nicely in the hand (smaller than a YoYoJam Hitman, but larger than a YoYoJam Mini Mo-Tu) and uses a size C bearing found in most other YoYoJam yo-yos. However, this model marked the first time YoYoJam used a new response system: their own flat, silicone O-ring response. By 2008, silicone became one of the best performing response systems. The Axiom took it to another level by flattening the ring.

The Axiom was also one of the first major production runs of YoYoJam yo-yos to use laser engraving for their graphics. The first run of Axioms were available in crimson red (seen in this exhibit) and jet black.

A Higby version of the Axiom, with laser graphics done by John Higby, was also made. A copper colored version was also made.

Original retail price: $85 US.

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