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YoYoFactory Avant Garde - 44CLASH (mini)
Exhibit #3593
TypeSpecial Release
ShapeConcave )-(
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Diameter50 mm
Width43 mm
Weight65 gm
OwnerRick Brough

A mini version of YoYoFactory's very popular Avant Garde yo-yo. This version was made exclusively for the 2018 44Clash, a Japanese yo-yo competition that resumed after a 3 year absence. The competition was held November 23-25, 2018. First two days of competition was at the Chacara Shonandai in Kanagawa, Japan; final day of competition was at the Esprit Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan.

Like the full-size version, the Avant Garde Mini has a distinctive shape with "undercuts" that scoop into the inside facing wall of the yo-yo. The shape and texture are fairly close to the original Avant Garde that came out around 2011. Has a partial YoYoFactory logo engraved on one side; opposite side has engraved a partial 44Clash logo.

Body is made from 6061 aluminum. Uses a size C center track ball bearing axle, 19 mm response pads, and a M4 x 10 mm axle.

Original retail price: $60 US.

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Side B, face

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