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Custom Yo-Yo The AXL - 1st place - AA Division
Exhibit #3586
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
Diameter57 mm
Width27 mm
Gap Width3.3 mm
Weight55 gm
OwnerRick Brough

First place award, Masters AA division (looping), presented at the Wind Wizards Spring Spinfest 1999, in Missouri. The custom engraved AXL yo-yo from Custom Yo-Yo of Gilbert, Arizona came with its matching, engraved yo-yo stand. A very unique yo-yo award.

Wind Wizards was a skill toy super store that sold kites, yo-yos, and juggling supplies in Missouri. Besides selling a variety of skill toys, the store sponsored their own Wind Wizards Sportkite team that competed and put on aerial shows and demonstrations and a juggling team. They also sponsored the three-member team known as The Wind Wizards Pro Spinners. They were professional yo-yo performers from the Kansas City and St. Louis area who hosted contests and travelled putting on their "Dare, Dream, Do" success show, hosting yo-yo clinics, or doing sidewalk entertainment.

The yo-yo used a size G ball bearing axle (inside diameter .187 in; outside diameter .375 in; width .125 in). This first version model of Custom Yo-Yo's The AXL did not have response pads.

For more information about the yo-yo model itself, see Custom Yo-Yo's The AXL, version 1.

Sponsors, divisions, and tricks at the Spring Spinfest events

Bandai, Yomega, Air Traffic Supply, ProYo, Spintastics, and Custom Yo-Yo were listed as official sponsors of Spinfest. Because Bandai was a sponsor of the event, it is likely Wind Wizards used the Bandai Spinner Trick Cards see here for the first three division levels identified below. What is not clear, however, are the tricks that one had to pass off to earn a particular level. Each Spinner Trick card listed 10 tricks to pass-off for a particular level. However, the Spinfest's trick list was an abbreviated list of only five to six tricks picked from the Spinner Trick cards.

1. Spinner Division - Level 1 or the Yellow Trick card at our workshops.
• Sleeper (3 sec.)
• Forward Pass (catch palm up)
• Walk the Dog (2 steps)
• Around the World (1)
• Rock the Baby (3)
• Loop the Loop (1 inside)

2. Super Spinner Division - Level 2 or the Blue Trick card at our workshops.
• Over the Falls (to toe)
• Tidal Wave
• 3 Hop the Fence
• Elevator (from bottom to top)
• 3 Loop the Loop (inside)
• Trapeze (no flip-overs)

3. Pro Spinner Division - Level 3 or the Red Trick card at our workshops
• Three Leaf Clover (to toe)
• Double or Nothing (any dismount)
• Braintwister (undermount / forward roll / rollout / loop)
• 5 Loop the Loop (inside)
• 3 Hop the Fence

4. Senior Division - For adults who remember their "Duncan Days" and want to relive the glory!

5. Masters One-Handed(A) Division - Professional level only. This is reserved for the best players.

• Triple or Nothing (any dismount)
• 5 Shoot the Moon
• Split the Atom (pin / split / 2rolls / rollout / loop)
• Rollercoaster (trap / double / trap / roll / ferriswheel)
• 10 Loops
• 3 Verical Loops

6. Master Two-Handed(AA) Division - Professional level only with two yo-yos simultaneously.
• 10 Double Loops
• 5 Criss Cross
• 5 Ride the Horse
• 5 Milk the Cow
• 5 Loop & Shoot
• 5 Spread Eagle
Other Views
Side A, large
Side B, large
Yo-Yo contest flyer

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