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YoYoFactory Loop 2020
Exhibit #3556
PackagingDisplay Boxed
Diameter58 mm
Width34 mm
GapAdjustable - Spacers
Weight52 gm
OwnerRick Brough

After nearly three years of planning, designing, and refining, YoYoFactory's premier yo-yo for 2A (looping) play, the Loop 2020 production model was officially released Saturday, September 22, 2018. If you were a member of YoYoFactory's Loop 2020 club, you were given early access to the black version and the orange version, ten days in advance (September 12, 2018), and at a reduced price of $15 US each.

When you early ordered the black Loop 2020 through the Loop 2020 members website, you also had the option of ordering–at no extra cost–the following parts:

One set of Loop 2020, type 1 "Long Black" parts:
• One axle: Long. Use for the widest acceptable string gap between the halves for longer spin time (for original string trick performance) and slower looping speeds.
• Two black spacers: Tall spacer type for minimal response. Reduces the contact between the starburst response and the string for longer spin times and easier string wrap tricks.
• Two starburst response rings: Low response. Yo-yo performs best with type 8 cotton string for long, slow loops.

One set of Loop 2020, type 3 "Short Red" parts:
• One axle: Short. Use for fast looping speeds.
• Two red spacers: Short spacer type for most response. Increases the contact between the starburst response and the string for fast looping and reduced spin time.
• Two starburst response rings: Aggressive response. Lets you use a shorter string for the fastest looping speeds.

• One clear Loop 2020 halve with LEDs.

The extra parts were only available when you ordered the black version. However, you could use the LED halve and other parts on the orange version too.

Both the black version and the orange version came with one YoYoFactory screw driver tool and one extra string.

The Loop 2020 was considered the next generation of looping yo-yos from YoYoFactory. It was designed to accommodate the evolution of a player's looping skill. Through the use of carefully designed, precision parts, a player could fine tune the yo-yo's performance to their exact preference. Everything on the Loop 2020 was customizable: weight, response, speed, and spin time. There was also available Loop 2020, type 2 "Medium White" parts for a middle ground of good looping speed and good string trick performance.
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