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YJ YoYo Paranoia
Exhibit #3553
PackagingDisplay Boxed
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
Diameter59 mm
Width35 mm
GapAdjustable - Spacers
Weight52 gm
OwnerRick Brough

YJ YoYo's Paranoia is a high-end yo-yo intended for classic string tricks and for looping. It was the signature yo-yo of Yoon Jong Ki, also of South Korea. Yoon is a three-time Korean looping champion and owner of YJ YoYo. Uses a size K ball bearing axle. Body and side caps are CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) poly-carbonate to keep both halves consistent in size, shape, and weight for smooth play. Unlike many original play yo-yos that have the starburst response molded into each halve, the starburst response on the Paranoia consists of two separate, high resolution SLA 3D printed parts. This design makes the response portion completely replaceable without the need to buy an entirely new yo-yo. Recommended string for the yo-yo was the 100% polyester Kitty String "Fat" because of its reduced elasticity. However, you could use any thickness string depending on personal preference.

The yo-yo came with aluminum spacers already installed, out-of-the-box. It also came with 2x extra PVC spacers so you could further adjust the string gap to your liking depending on if you want to focus on original string tricks (wider string gap), or on looping (narrow string gap). The configuration of the parts on the axle was as follows:

Aluminum spacer (0.2 mm) > Black PVC spacer (0.2 mm) > Size K bearing < Black PVC spacer (0.2 mm) < Aluminum spacer (0.2 mm)

This yo-yo used a very long axle (for a string trick/looping yo-yo) and metal nuts with the threads lined with nylon. This combination of parts prevented the yo-yo from disassembly during play.

Original retail price: $50 US.
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