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Big Bang Bandalores E1: Cantilever (mini)
Exhibit #3530
ConstructionMulti-piece aluminum
ResponseSilicon Ring
Diameter44 mm
Width51 mm
Gap Width4.25 mm
Weight71 gm
OwnerRick Brough

From the Big Bang Bandalores website:

"The first of our Experimental Line, dubbed E1: Cantilever, is a monometal designed for the ultimate for practicing slack and laceration tricks.

Limited to 20 pieces, $40 from each piece was donated to the purpleyoyo.org nonprofit foundation which works to de-stigmatise depression and anxiety in the yo-yo community, while providing assistance to those players suffering from these illnesses.

All E1:Cantilever Bandalores come with our centering bearing and EXTRA THICK WHIPPY EXPERIMENTAL STRING. We are looking for feedback from our customers on this string, and thought that this throw was perfect for giving it a shot!"

Its appearance is similar to the YoYoFactory SuperWide that came out near the end of 2010. Made out of 7075 aluminum, the E1: Cantilever sports a 44 mm diameter and a 51 mm width. Flowable silicone was added to the response groove on each halve. Uses a size C string centering ball bearing axle and very thick string.

The Profile picture gives the impression that the two yo-yo halves are different shades of purple. In reality the color of each halve is identical; the lighting caused the color to appear inconsistent.

Original retail price: $97 US.
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Side, angled, large
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