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Duncan Professional - Super Sugar Crisp - Yo-Yolympics
Exhibit #3517
ShapeStandard (-)
ConstructionMulti-piece plastic
OwnerRick Brough

In 1980, Post teamed up with Duncan to offer a mini plastic Duncan yo-yo free inside boxes of Post Super Sugar Crisp cereal. The yo-yo came in four colors: yellow, blue, red, and black. Each yo-yo came with two easy-to-apply decals (one of the Post Super Sugar Crisp bear and one with Duncan Yo-Yo branding on it), and 20 to 30 inches of yo-yo string.

The yo-yo in this exhibit is a Duncan Professional. Many of the yo-yo models in Duncan's product lineup from this time period–including this model–used Duncan's own Reslon-coated axles for longer spins.

The back of the cereal box that included the free yo-yo, also advertised the Super Sugar Crisp-Duncan Yo-Yolympics contest. You could enter the contest for a chance to become the 1980 National Champion and win a $1,000 scholarship bond.

The 1980 Super Sugar Crisp-Duncan Yo-Yolympics was open to boys and girls 15 years of age or younger. Contests were based on 10 official yo-yo tricks and a free-style event. The Yo-Yolympics was held in participating communities at local parks and winners went on to compete in city finals. The finalists qualified for state, then regional, and then nation championships. U.S. Savings Bonds were awarded to regional winners, and to Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medalists at National Finals. The Gold Medalist won a $1,000 scholarship savings bond and was pronounced the 1980 National Champion of the Super Sugar Crisp-Duncan Yo-Yolympics. For more information on Yo-Yolympics and how to enter, you were instructed to contact your local Parks and Recreation Department.

The same cereal box also mentions on a side panel how to get an official, regulation size Super Sugar Crisp-Duncan Yo-Yolympics champion yo-yo. That version is nearly identical to the version seen in this exhibit except that "1980" was printed above the heads of the yo-yo-playing boy and girl and the inner circle color was dark blue and the outer color circle was light blue . The yo-yo was essentially a Duncan Professional model with white rims and clear side cap lenses. The yo-yo cost only $1.00 and required you to also mail in two Super Sugar Crisp box tops.
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