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Lowkey Throws Woodland (mini)
Exhibit #3512
TypeSpecial Release
ColorAntique Bronze/Honduran Rosewood
ResponseCBC Slim Pad
Diameter50 mm
Width25 mm
Weight67 gm
OwnerRick Brough

The Woodland is a hybrid model. It uses antique bronzed aluminum combined with Honduran Rosewood inlays. The Woodland series from Lowkey Throws were responsive out-of-the box. The side cap was laser engraved with the name of the company, my initials, and "1 of 1", courtesy of Steve Burningham of Lowkey Throws.

From the Lowkey Throws website:
"A small but mighty pocket throw, the Lowkey Throws Woodland touts a classic, compact design that fits snugly in hand and stows easily in your pocket as an everyday carry. Crafted from aerospace grade anodized aluminum and finished with unique exotic hardwood inlays, the Woodland yo-yo exudes a rustic gravitas that fuses childhood nostalgia and modern design aesthetic.

Each Woodland yoyo is supplied with a color-matched solid and multicolored string and is tailored with your desired response system."

Uses a size C ball bearing axle, but to make the yo-yo responsive, the string was wrapped several time around the axle, similar to a Yomega string/axle configuration. Installing your own slim, half spec bearing also works.

Original retail price: $49 US.

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Other Views
Half spec bearing installed for original play
Full spec bearing installed for dead play

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