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Dif-e-Yo Gladiator Slave MMXV
Exhibit #3491
ShapeConcave )-(
PackagingDisplay Boxed
Diameter53 mm
Width36 mm
Gap Width4.5 mm
Weight60-70 gm
OwnerRick Brough

The Dif-e-Yo Gladiator Slave MMXV (2015) production player model. Quantity produced is unknown. A polished aluminum version of this same design was also made but in a very limited quantity.

The Gladiator Slave MMXV was Frank Difeo's tribute to the original Dif-e-Yo Gladiator that he entered and won second place at the 2004 World Yo-Yo Mod Contest.

The beautifully machined yo-yo is finished with a gold acid wash anodizing with red "blood" splatter added. This model shipped with -- new at the time -- Dif-Binder response pads. Used a size C, patented Dif-e-Yo KonKave ball bearing axle. Yo-yo came in a covered tin with a clear window in the lid.

From the double set of weight rings to the aluminum sidecaps and 16 stainless steel cap screws, you could customize this yo-yo's weight and performance in a variety of interesting ways. The yo-yo itself, with the 16 cap screws, had a "clean" weight (no additional weight) of 60 grams for fast play. By adding a red ring to each halve (two total), or two red rings to each halve (four total), you could bump up the weight to 62 grams or 64 grams, respectively. The added weight increased the yo-yo's stability and spin times. If the aluminum sidecaps were also added, it brought the yo-yo's total weight to 70 grams. Of course, you could install any combination of these weights, depending on your personal preference and the performance you were trying to achieve. If desired, you could even remove any number of cap screws for even more fine-tuning. A very versatile design.

Original retail price: $128 US.
Other Views
No weight rings
Single weight ring
Double weight rings installed

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