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Duncan Yo-Yo Tourney Contestant mug
Exhibit #3447
OwnerRick Brough

A "Fire-King" mug from the mid to late 1970s with a Duncan Yo-Yo Tourney Contestant imprint in red. Fire-King mugs were made with low-expansion borosilicate glass, perfect for hot drinks.

The model in this exhibit is a square-handled "Standard" coffee mug, 88 mm tall and 84 mm diameter. The mug holds nine fluid ounces. A Standard mug has a flat bottom inside and is sometimes called a shaving mug.

As to the "why" of this item, it is unknown. While the mug may have served as a gift for a contestant competing in a Duncan yo-yo tournament, it is more likely that the mug served simply as a marketing gimmick by Duncan.
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Opposite side
Bottom identification

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