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Duncan Richard Nixon yo-yos with Roy Acuff
Exhibit #3375
OwnerRick Brough

A.P. wirephoto of President Nixon yo-yoing on stage at the Grand Ol Opry House along with Roy Acuff, March 18, 1974.

Strings attached
"President Nixon twirles a yo-yo while Roy Acuff, country singer, watched Saturday night at the opening of the new Grand Ol Opry House in Nashville (Tennessee). Mr. Nixon and his wife (Pat), just back from South America, were guests at the opening."

Watch President Nixon yo-yoing with Roy Acuff. (Last accessed January 28, 2020)

Of historical interest...
As of January 2020, the highest price ever paid for a yo-yo was $16,029. It was the yo-yo (make unknown) used by President Richard Nixon on stage with Roy Acuff (and seen in the photograph in this exhibit). President Nixon autographed the yo-yo after the show and presented it to Roy Acuff. It later sold at an Acuff estate auction for the record setting price. Buyer unknown.

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Full photograph, large
Photograph, back

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