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Team High Performance Masters Collection Card 3 - Jennifer Baybrook
Exhibit #3274
OwnerRick Brough

During the yo-yo boom that began about 1997 in North America and Japan, Alan Nagao and a group of yo-yo players formed THP (Team High Performance). They were based out of the High Performance Kite store in Honolulu, Hawaii. A THP Masters Collection Card set was released in 1997 to promote Bandai's Hyper Yo-Yo and given away to players in Japan. To my knowledge, the set contained just three cards. I have never seen additional cards, despite the THP group having numerous talented players. Besides the picture and name on the front of each player's card, the back of the card described their specialty trick, competitive achievements, nickname in the yo-yoing community, and their birthdate.

Card 1 — Kenichi Nakamura of Japan. See also Nakamura's signature yo-yo the Yoyomonster 3Points.

Card 2 — Alex Garcia of Hawaii. See also Garcia's signature yo-yo, the YoYoFactory Loop 808.

Card 3 — Jennifer Baybrook of Vermont. See Baybrook's signature yo-yo at the time this card was released, the Genuine Hummingbird.
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Card front, large
Card back, large

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