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Auldey Chaos Hound Dragon (motorized)
Exhibit #3260
ShapeConcave )-(
Diameter58 mm
Width40 mm
Weight76 gm
OwnerRick Brough

Also sometimes known as the Auldey "Chaos Dragon". The ultimate motorized yo-yo released by Auldey of China.

From the SpinGear website in Japan:
"This is a completely new motorized yo-yo using a hub stack mechanism.

The hub stack part is a switch and clutch, and when this is pushed in, the operation lamp lights up. By lightly turning in that state, acceleration starts in the direction of rotation. It is possible to increase the number of revolutions to a level comparable to the one thrown by hand.

When the hub stack part is loosened, the clutch is disengaged and the switch is turned off, and the yo-yo switches to idling by bearings.

The battery is built into one side of the yo-yo and the motor is built into the other side, and the power is conducted between the bodies by a dedicated shaft.

Furthermore, the biggest problem with many battery-powered yo-yos, the problem of eccentricity, has been solved in a phenomenal way using a specially designed ring-shaped battery. . Of course, charging by USB power supply is possible. This is a yo-yo worth watching.

You can use the yo-yo in exactly the same way as a normal yo-yo, and the hub stack functions in the same way as a normal hub stack. You can play as a size C bind specification model.

If the hub stack is grasped and pushed in strongly, it can be rotated as it is. A new way of playing is possible.

This is a yo-yo that has the romance of a motor-driven yo-yo in the most ideal form possible. Please take it by all."

Collected January 29, 2018

Original retail price was $85 US on the SpinGear website, then it dropped to $60 US after the YoYoRewind website began selling the same model for $60 US.

Watch videos of the Auldey Chaos Hound Dragon yo-yo in action. Last accessed December 29, 2019.

See Bandai's Hyper Infinity from 2011—the very first motorized yo-yo put into production!
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