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66% Sleipnir 66 - gold (mini)
Exhibit #3251
ShapeConcave )-(
FinishGold Plated
Diameter38 mm
Width28 mm
Weight60 gm
OwnerRick Brough

The YYR (Yoyorecreation) Sleipnir is one of the most highly praised designs in the YYR lineup. Year after year it stands the test of time and its amazing performance holds up in an ever evolving yo-yo market. To pay tribute to such an iconic model, 66% of Japan gave the Sleipnir their special miniaturization treatment.

The 66% Sleipnir is more than just a shrunk down version of the original. If you just downsize a yo-yo in all aspects you lose the character that makes it so great. 66% kept the same basic shape, but the weight distribution was changed to make this mini Sleipnir play as close to the original as possible.

Made in Tokyo, Japan.

Japanese description from the Spingear website:
"It is a best-selling model of yoyorecreation, making Sleipnir 66%, the best masterpiece of the metal model that kept its apex until the appearance of DRAUPNIR, the successor model.

As a result of the fifth work, production know-how of 66percent has also been accumulated, and we chose Sleipnir as trying one ultimate as a monometal model.

This model which has been influenced to the ultimate ultimate, this model which has influenced many models, even though usability can be laid out with a simple reduction, although it is original from the number of followers it has become a deceased personality There is a dilemma that it is.

Even if you shrink it as it is, you do not know which model of brand, quoted so much, it is also a design that "templates" of modern butterfly yo.

How do you drop it as a 66% model, leaving 'likeness'?

Overwhelming ease of use is also one of Kodawari (The word kodawari, which cannot be translated directly into English, captures the essence of this tradition. Kodawari means an uncompromising and relentless devotion to a pursuit, an art, a craft, an activity. obsession, fixation, hangup, determination, fastidiousness, pickiness about (trait, style, etc.)). We attacked from the early ""safe"" design, and the wall thickness of the center part was 66% thinned to the highest point ever. This makes it possible to feel while overwhelming turning power in the head family is 66% size. The original is trial and error to arrive at the ultimate answer, 66 Pcent who received the answer leaves the "wasted" part as it is, without finishing this model.

Also Kodawarii face part also in the design part, silhouette of the profile part is also a point.

Sleipnir 66% designed to make appearance simple and simple to use at the same time make 66% thinner in the original model keeping the performance able to fight at the forefront as a monumental column in the yo-yo development history 66% Flagship model in the lineup I will send it to the world with confidence that it has become a finished product.

When the 66% Sleipnir was originally released, it came in the following four versions:
-Raw, no logo or coating, 8000 Yen
-18K Gold coating with logo on 1 side, 9900 Yen
-Champagne gold coating with logo on 1 side, 9900 Yen
-Raw with logo on 1 side, 8900 Yen.

Body material: Stainless steel
Response: 66% pad
Bearing: A size bearing (standard flat)"

The model in this exhibit came with an 18K gold coating.

Collected January 10, 2018

Original retail price: $100 US.

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