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Throw Yo Throwman Classic
Exhibit #3075
ShapeStandard (-)
PackagingDisplay Boxed
Diameter57 mm
Width38 mm
Weight48 gm
OwnerRick Brough

The Throwman Classic yo-yo--by the very short-lived company Throw_Yo--is a convertable 2-in-1 yo-yo that was released in 2006. You could configure the yo-yo for traditional looping play or for string-trick play. While its dual configuration was innovative for a plastic responsive yo-yo, it was the rise of dead (aka unresponsive) yo-yos that quickly became the newer and preferred style of play among the yo-yoing community. In hindsight, the Throwman Classic probably would have done very well in the 90s.

Throwman Classic used a size B ball bearing axle, SPR (Spacer Pad Response, a design inherited from Buzz-On Yo-Yos; the pad appears to be carbon fiber), rubber caps, plastic body, and metal axle. Each yo-yo came in a metal tin with a paper wrapper that was hand numbered and initialized by Mr. Bazan. The weight of the yo-yo could be increased by press fitting rubber O-rings into the groove on each halve.

Throw_Yo began as a collaborative business effort among four individuals, but it was ultimately David Bazan who created the Throwman Classic design. Mr. Bazan was also the co-founder of Buzz-On Yo-Yos in 2003. Throwman Classic was Throw_Yo's only release. Note the black portion of the Throw_Yo logo is a tangram.

As of January 5, 2019, this model was still being sold by the online webstore YoYoSam for $30 US.
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