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Duncan Super Tournament - topless
Exhibit #3071
ShapeStandard (-)
ColorBlue with white stripe
ConstructionThree piece wood
OwnerRick Brough

A 1950s wooden Duncan Super Tournament yo-yo in blue with white stripe with Duncan demonstrator handcarving on both sides.

The name "Rick Meyers" was carved by hand on side A by the Duncan demonstrator, as demonstrators were often known to do (especially Filipinos). It's unknown weather this yo-yo was new and given to Rick Meyers for winning a contest, or whether Rick brought this yo-yo and had the demonstrator carve the design for him.

In all likelihood, Rick Meyers was probably in his very late teens--perhaps early 20s--at the time this yo-yo was carved. He was definitely not a child. The reason is because demonstrator's back then would never have carved what appears to be a topless hula girl on a child's yo-yo--especially in the 50s! Instead, demonstrators usually carved beach scenes with sea gulls, palm trees, a boat, and surf and sand on the yo-yo halve that did not have the Duncan stamp.

Side B on the yo-yo in this exhibit has a handcarved palm tree on the left; in the middle is the angled backside of topless hula girl wearing a grass skirt, with both arms up in the air. On the right, in the distance, is a tiny flock of sea gulls just above a setting sun behind mountains (just slightly out of view). A very unique, albeit lewd, yo-yo carving especially for a yo-yo from the 50s. I wish I knew the complete story behind it.
Other Views
Side A, angled, large
Side A, large
Side A, carved name of Rick Meyers
Side B, large

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